Janek Turkowski




For the Polish artist Janek Turkowski, the project Margarete began in 2005 with a cardboard box full of private Super-8 film reels. When he viewed his flea market find, he discovered the same woman on every reel of film: in the bus, at work, in the forest, at parties, at parades, sometime in the 1960’s, somewhere in East Germany. In his performance, Turkowski invites spectators to attend the intimate atmosphere of a private screening (see special event locations!). While serving tea and cookies, he tells his hypothetical stories about the identity of this woman with great humour and affection.

In English.

Concept, Text, Performance: Janek Turkowski * Video: Margarete Ruhbe, Martyna Glowacka, Adam Ataszynski, Marcin Piatkowski, Janek Turkowski. As part of the Amateur Film Festival “Private Screening”.

In English