(c) Michiel Devijver

Milo Rau/NTGent


Grief & Beauty

Mousonturm Saal

ALL IN/Theater

How do we face death, in life and at the end of life? How do we support, mourn and farewell? What remains of a life at the end of life? With Grief & Beauty Milo Rau presents the second part of his Trilogy of Private Life. In the first part, Family, which premiered in 2019 just weeks before the theatres closed, he used the collective suicide of a family to show Western society on the brink. Apart from the terrible ending, there was nothing on stage but an ordinary evening: a study of small things, of private life, its beauty and emptiness. With Grief & Beauty, Milo Rau and his team are tackling a theme that has been at the heart of Rau’s work for many years: the question of farewell, grieving and death, but also of memory and solidarity in the face of the final moments. We look into a normal apartment: it is the apartment of an old man who will proceed euthanasia at the end of the play. The four actresses and actors tell us their most personal stories about death and rebirth, art and love, memory and oblivion. What is it worth living for? How can we share this loneliest venture, death, with each other? A picture of a society in search of transcendence emerges that is as concrete as it is philosophical.

German Premiere
Sprache: Niederländisch mit deutschen und englischen Übertiteln
ALL IN 14+