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Minima Moralia



 The video is available on Vimeo on Demand. After the payment you can watch it within the next 7 days. Price: 9 €.

Since 2006, the Japanese artist collective contact Gonzo has travelled around the world – from Helsinki and Offenbach to Nanking and Seoul to Okinawa and Japan’s Tohoku region, which was catastrophically destroyed by the great earthquake of 2011 – and on the road, their performances and installations addressed the many forms of contact and physical collision between people. Immediately after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, company members began to create a bricolage film from their own documentation in response to the situation. This film defines the image as performance and editing as physical contact, thus birthing a philosophy all of its own, while telling stories that cannot be replaced by language. “Minima Moralia” is a semi-documentary mnemonic remix of performances, cooking, eating, drinking and sleeping that offers the opportunity to reflect on contact in these times.

No language skills required
Year of publication: 2020
Duration: 103 Minuten

The film is made available via Vimeo on Demand. To watch the film, you have to register with Vimeo (simple, free and only once) (Privacy Notice). There is no advance booking, the video is paid for directly before watching the film.