Susanne Zaun/Marion Schneider


Mit den Beinen im Bauch.Eine Nabelschau

Mousonturm Saal


People, who are waiting, are relentless. They say whatever comes to mind, gossip and complain, all the while imagining what everything will be like: later, then, shortly, when it finally begins, when they are ready and deserve to have their turn. In search of exemplary instances of social processes of standardization, Frankfurt director Susanne Zaun and her colleague Marion Schneider eavesdropped on the casting for a legendary TV modelling show. The result is a turbulent spoken tirade for a choir of eight bellybuttons skilfully interwoven with all of our self-referential limiting and isolating prattle. After its world premiere one year ago, the production now returns once more to Mousonturm.

In German

Mousonturm-Koproduktion * with Judith Altmeyer, Christoph Bovermann, Isabell Dachsteiner, Ekaterine Giorgadze, Banu Öztürk, Katharina Runte, Katharina Speckmann, Isabelle Zinsmaier  * Concept, Text, Presentation: Marion Schneider, Susanne Zaun * Stage and costumes: Lisa Däßler * Design and realisation dress: Lisa Däßler, Judith Altmeyer * support tulle heads: Banu Öztürk * Light: Camilla Vetters * Dramaturgical cooperation: Philipp Schulte * Produktion assistence: Alessia Neumann * photo (c) Mila Lippitz