A group of people ranging from age 6 to 71 develop a dance piece together and ask: what do we all have in common, what are our common strengths? In search for these similarities, we discover invisible paths, which only reveal themselves when chosen. Although the traces of our passing are immediately blown away again by the winds of time, the encounters, the new experiences and the unexpected tasks remain in our memories. We all share a passion: dance. It does not matter who begins the dance, who is watching or who eventually joins in or leaves the dance again.

Concept, Choreography: Heidi Böhm-Schmitz, Victoria Söntgen * With Berenike Achenbach, Lilly Apelt, Laurie Arnold, Yara Auth, Evelin Deckwerth, Carlotta Friese, Ramona Fornoff, Jill den Hollander, Luisa Körber Belmonte, Katharina Kreisel, Bianca Kühner, Maren Leitzbach, Louisa Martin, Lara Rathmann, Minna Rischbieter, Leni Röder, Marion Will.

World Premiere.