Schwarz-weiß Foto bei Nacht mit einer Person, die mit einer Flasche in der Hand vor einem mit einem weißen Bezug ummantelten Auto steht.
(c) Erik Swars



Music on Absence & Obsession

EOS Radio


Born out of Leipzig’s subcultural rave and techno scene, Lux, who has chosen to live in Berlin, is a welcome guest in the respected clubs and radio portals of Germany and beyond. With her selected music, she not only fulfils the function of a DJ for the dancefloor with ease, but also possesses a flair for subtle sounds and arrangements. Lux’s mix is a search for the visionary element, the utopian material in music, which points to a place beyond itself in the moment of its acoustic experience. It is the tension between absence and desire that appears to produce the fascination of music and which finds its acoustic counterpart in this work.

—> to EOS Radio

Duration: 60 min

Commissioned Work