Felix Kubin auf einer Bühne mit seinem Musikpult, dahinter eine überdimensionierte Projektion von ihm, bei der er die Hände nach vorne ausstreckt.
Felix Kubin in rotem Overall sitzt im Wald, vor ihm ein gelber Kasten, worauf eine Eule sitzt.
(c) Marie Losier

Felix Kubin


Muzak Forzato

EOS Radio

As soon as we leave the house, we are bombarded with sound. At the station, in the shopping centre, at the airport, in public toilets. Everywhere we go, background music is softly playing. Our brain is being attuned to good shopping, good digestion, good business. This mood music, formerly also known as muzak, is a psychological airbrush that blurs the contours of the environment and the sharpness of our minds. With “Muzak Forzato”, the Hamburg sound artist Felix Kubin turns the conceptual tables and has commissioned a number of international artists to acoustically reinterpret specific spaces of public life and thus subvert the everyday trickle of sound. These subversive, partly humorous, partly strictly conceptual, but in all cases surreal interventions in the soundscapes that surround us are in turn themselves documented and then compiled by Kubin into a contribution for the festival’s own radio programme.

Duration: 60 min
Language: German

Commissioned Work