(c) Jennifer Bennett

Negativland + SUE-C

Canceled – “It’s Normal For Some Things To Come To Your Attention”-Tour

Lokal im Mousonturm, teilbestuhlt


Unfortunately, the concert cannot take place due to a family emergency. The group had to cancel their European tour early. Tickets already purchased will be refunded.

Since 1980, the legendary American multimedia collective Negativland has been producing records, CDs, videos, artworks, books, radio shows and live performances from sounds, images, objects and texts that they appropriate. Negativland arranges original material and original music with things extracted from mass culture and the world around them, thus giving them new meaning. For this kind of cultural archaeology and “culture jamming” – a term they coined in 1984 – Negativland have been sued twice for copyright infringement. Their art and media interventions ask both serious and silly questions about the nature of sound, media, technology, control, ownership, propaganda, power and perception in the US. For the audio-visual performance “It’s Normal For Some Things To Come To Your Attention”, Negativland have teamed up with live cinema artist SUE-C.

Due to health reasons Mark Hosler will not be able to continue to participate this Negativland-Tour. Jon “Woobly” Leidecker will play the show solo, and David “The Weatherman” Wills will take part via Facetime.

Infos zur f.f.m. Freundeskreis-Mitgliedschaft via freunde@mousonturm.de