Neue Horizonte: Eternity für alle!

Mousonturm Saal

Performance/Musical Theatre

“Comrades – let’s optimise it!” True to this slogan, andcompany&Co. and members of the former Schwedt Workers’ Theatre set out in search of immortality, using all musical-theatrical means at their disposal. Fifty years ago, the scientific-technical revolution broke out in the GDR, in Schwedt, the “city of the future”. For the first time, computers were linked into a network in the petrochemical combine and automation tested. And the workers at the plant performed in theatre pieces, plays about the “introduction of electronic data processing into human relationships” (Heiner Müller). Now some of the workers are returning to the stage with andcompany&Co. Together with the “networked individuals” of the 21st century, they dream the wildest dreams of the old revolutionaries about a new humanity that lives forever after the fall of the Wall and Facebook.

Sprache: Deutsch
ALL IN 14+