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There is no such thing as a border. A collective laboratory on experiences along the border



What are borders, this in-between of nations? Who do they belong to? What do they look like? Everyone probably has had experiences with borders. Maybe frightening, maybe absurd, maybe everyday or funny. Do borders appear as expected? Or do their landscape, appearance and extent surprise you? “There is no such thing as a border” invites people to share their perspectives on and questions about borders in workshops. They are accompanied in this by artists and thinkers, who thereby offer different ways of translating experiences ­– into movement, music, storytelling or cartography. In thinking and working together, borders are dissolved and the experiences associated with them are connected to form a large, collective imaginative space.

Duration: 6 hours
Language: German, English
Registration until Feb 9th via Annika.Neidhardt@mousonturm.de
With: Shahram Koshravi, Mobile Albania, Lonnie van Brummelen, Arkadi Zaides, Idylla Silmarovi and others