In this exhibit, NODE15 brings together international artistic positions dealing with shifts in the complex relationships between the human body and technology. Immersive pieces activate our senses, other works construct utopian and dystopian images of the body, reference past or current visions, provide insights into what is technically already possible and draft scenarios for critically handling the technologies surrounding us. A series of artist talks, guided tours and performances are also part of the exhibition.

Featuring work by Aram Bartholl, Jeremy Bailey, BeAnotherLab, Depart, Golan Levin, Antoni Rayzhekov, Susanna Hertrich, Darsha Hewitt, IOCOSE, Katharina Köller, Lauren McCarthy, Kyle McDonald, Chris Sugrue, Herwig Turk, Quayola, Woeshi & Quadrature and more * Curators: Jeanne Charlotte Vogt, Alexandra Waligorski.

more information on node15.vvvv.org

NODE15 Forum for Digital Arts