Not my revolution, if…: Die Geschichten der Angie O.

Mousonturm Saal


Not m Revolution, if…: The Stories of Angie O. tells the stories of Angie O., a fictional anti-globalization activist, who gets involved wherever people come together in loose correlations: at the intergalactic conference on humanity, against neoliberalism in the Mexican jungle, the battle of Seattle or Occupy Wall Street. Angie O. pitches her tent at borders, airports, on public green spaces or in front of banks. Just like a reborn version of Brecht’s ‘Saint Joan of the Stockyards’ she tries to convince bankers of the power of loving your fellow man or woman: “Service = loving your fellow man or woman, serving your fellow man or woman = serving the customer.” The contradictions of our neoliberal times, in which even benevolence and charity turned into economic factors and activism into innovative productive forces, will be staged in the style of an agitation musical. German and Dutch performers form an affinity group on stage and ask: What can be done? What should not be done? Only people help where people exist: MERRY CRISIS AND A HAPPY NEW FEAR!

Conceived and directed by: andcompany&Co. (Karschnia / Nord / Sulimma) * Conceived and performed by: Nicola Nord, Krisjan Schellingerhout, Claudia Splitt, Vincent van der Valk&Co * Text: Alexander Karschnia&Co. * Stage Design: Noah Fischer&Co. * Costume Design and Stage Co-Design: Franziska Sauer&Co. * Light Design: Rainer Casper * Sound Design: Mareike Trillhaas * Production Assistant: Hilkje Kempka
Technical Director: Marc Zeuske * Company Management/Producer: Katja Sonnemann * A production by andcompany&Co. in coproduction with HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt, FFT Düsseldorf, Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster, brut Vienna and House on Fire funded by the EU programme for Culture * Funded by the Capital Cultural Fund (Haupstadtkulturfonds), the Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs and Kunststiftung NRW.