What stories do we tell and why? Who do we become when someone is speaking about us? In a mixture of interactive experiment and play, Leonardo Moreira and his company Hiato delve into grand narratives and timeless contexts, concealed behind the daily and banal, the modern and ostensibly private of our life experiences. The company previously visited Frankfurt before with two extraordinary productions: at Mousonturm with the marathon “Ficções” (Fictions) and before that at the Frankfurt LAB with “O Jardim” (The Garden). Their new piece “Odisseia” is likewise above all based on the experiences, dreams and doubts of the seven performers, who have strangely, as well as quite naturally assimilated characters from Homer’s “Odyssey”. They invite us to a four-hour feast, in which they simply celebrate the continued mythical quality of our world. And after a roller coaster of strong emotions – grief, anger, love – in the end, we ask ourselves: what ghosts are still lingering here with us? Which dreams have disappeared from our lives? Which battles we have fought? And where can we never return to?

Duration: 270 min. (including two breaks with food for free)
Language: Portugese and English, with English and German surtitles
Introduction at 5.30 p.m. with Philipp Schulte (Hessische Theaterakademie)
Mousontum Co-production