(c) Michael Hai

Li Lorian


Only If I Have Nothing To Cite, I Dance

Location: Frankfurt LAB (Gallus) Halle 2


I am sitting at the library in Jerusalem, trying to focus on my term-paper. Little drops of salty sweat run down my armpits, even though I sit still in front of Butler’s writing on subversive mimetic acts. Is this the performative expression of reading? An essay titled Diaspora: Generation and the Ground of Jewish Identity peeks at me from beneath a pile of notes, while a documentation of Arkadi Zaides’ ARCHIVE is open in a new tab. Perhaps it’s just the summer heat in the Middle East.
An essay and a performance, a theoretical embodied research, a speech and an act.

Duration: 60 Min.
Language: English


Li Lorian will offer the free workshop COMMUNAL BIOGRAPHIES on Sunday, 3.7., at the F°LAB Festival. Please sign-up at: info@frankfurt-lab.de