open mike-Preisträgerlesung

Lokal im Mousonturm


To be part of the “open mike” once in a lifetime! – Many young authors across the country share this dream. The most important literary competition for emerging talents, held every year in Berlin, is considered a door opener and a showcase for new talent. Winning is akin to getting a foot in the door of the literature industry. The “open mike” was a true catalyst for many a career. At any rate, before taking off to new heights, all winners first set out on a journey: to Vienna, Frankfurt and Bern to read excerpts from their prize-wining texts and to talk about them with the audience. Mousonturm is proud to present this award-wining tour group for the third time – between armchairs and brocade, with soft or harder drinks in hand at the Lokal.

Moderated by Björn Jager and Malte Kleinjung

Eine Veranstaltung des Haus für Poesie und der Crespo Foundation in Kooperation mit dem Hessischen Literaturforum im Mousonturm