Sechs Personen auf Fahrrädern stehen nebeneinander auf einem Parkplatz. Das Bild ist weichgezeichnet.
Drei weiblich gelesene Personen liegen schlafend auf Parkbänken in einem Park.
Farbfoto von Neha Singh.
Verschiedene Menschen in Röcken gehen als Gruppe durch eine nächtliche Straße und unterhalten sich dabei.

Opening Lecture: Women Walking and Loitering at Night



Neha Singh

“What happens when an Indian woman decides to walk the streets after midnight just for fun?” This is the question that fueled our curiosity in 2014 after reading the revolutionary book Why loiter? written by Shilpa Phadke, Shilpa Ranade and Sameera Khan. The seemingly innocent book suggested women do something unique and dangerous: to “loiter the streets of your city like a man, without apology, without justification, without fear.”

“When I began loitering, it was a personal project. Little did I know that the small act and the politics behind it would become so popular, and that so many women would take a risk like me. Since 2014, we have loitered in the day and in the night, we have sung, danced, laughed in the most “unladylike” manner, laid down, slept, played games, drunk chai, engaged with fellow men and women and even our harassers and the police on the streets of the city“, describes Neha Singh.

For this, she asks, how does this small and seemingly banal act of an ordinary woman loitering on the streets create a women’s movement – a revolution? Let’s discuss the creation and growth of the “Why loiter?” movement and how it changed the narrative of women’s rights from one of safety to one of pleasure and fun, both in India and worldwide.

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Subtitles: German and English

The lecture is followed by a workshop with Neha -> here you can register for it