Oper Offenbach – Bühne

Hafeninsel Offenbach


The Offenbach based artist collective YRD.Works is turning the construction of the opera into a piece in itself on the tip of the island in the harbour. Four spatial sculptures that will be created successively on the island allow for a view onto different architectural details that are essential for an opera while seeking ambivalences that are imprinted in these monoliths of high culture.  In the fourth and last phase of construction, YRD.Works will once again shift traditional perspectives. The stage and its rotating platform are considered to be the architectural and optical center of an opera house. The artists remove this core and challenge the audience to conquer the newly created stage negative. The field of vision thus shifts to the periphery, which is usually just reserved for going on and off stage. How can one give this area a role? To do so, YRD.Works invited Offenbach’s performance collective Baby of Control to join as an artistic partner. The group is known for its playfully opulent staging on the border between Dadaist happening, pop concert and opera-like pathos.