Oper Offenbach – Loge – Nocturne III

Hafeninsel Offenbach


In “Oper Offenbach” you are finally allowed to do what is otherwise forbidden in the opera: sleep! For this occasion YRD.Works is resurrecting a tradition that has disappeared from most opera houses – the boxes. The artists are interested in the tension between exclusivity and uniformity that is imprinted in these separés. Originally created as a place of retreat and distinction, from a architectural perspective they have the charm of a socialist hotel.
David Bausch, Yacin Boudalfa and Ruben Fischer  will construct ten two-person boxes for the Oper Offenbach and are inviting the audience to spend the night at the tip of the harbor in the context of three nocturnes. The Main river, the Kaiserleibrücke and the Fechenheim shore serve as the perfect stage set for slipping into a deep slumber.