Oper Offenbach – Prospekt

Hafeninsel Offenbach


An opera in Offenbach!? The artist collective YRD.Works is dedicating itself in “Oper Offenbach” to the premium class of performative disciplines. On one of the most attractive plots in the city, the Inselspitze at the former harbor, they will make constructing an opera the subject of a multi-week performance.
The Oper Offenbach’s first phase of construction transforms the harbor island already into an ambivalent scene. Together with thed Profi Aesthetics design collective and the photographer Simon Keckeisen, YRD.Works will construct four big walls that can be seen from numerous points along the Main river’s banks. Sources of inspiration were stage prospects, painted placards that characterize the locations for action in traditional operas as well as huge poster walls that one recognizes from highway exit ramps. Advertising vehicle or stage set? YRD.Works and their artistic partners are inviting you to experiment with the perspectives on the prospects and your own position as a distant audience or part of the scenery in a walk across the tip of the island.