Philippe Quesne


Parade of the Moles

verschiedene Orte


The mole is considered the underdog of mammals. Hobby gardeners, farmers and professional pest control companies have developed countless strategies to finish off the little rodents. But as masters of the subterranean, swift and nimble, they keep escaping and making even more molehills. Just in time for the start of Welcome to Caveland!, a labour  of gigantic moles will leave its familiar biotope and set out on an expedition through Frankfurt. With pushy curiosity and sufficient understanding of architectural attractions and cultural points of interest, the moles will journey as new Frankfurters through the city’s centre to find a new safe haven at Mousonturm at the end of their parade. Over the subsequent two weeks, the Künstlerhaus will serve as a base from where they will set out for further excursions into the cityscape.

No language skills required * Concept: Philippe Quesne * With: Yvan Clédat, Jean-Charles Dumay, Léo Gobin, Sébastien Jacobs, Thomas Suire, Gaëtan Vourc’h * Costumes: Corine Petitpierre.