(c) Venuri Perera

Venuri Perera

Passport Blessing Ceremony

Mousonturm Hof

Performance/Practice Session/Workshop

Passports have varying degrees of power. While certain citizens can visit almost anywhere in the world without any hindrance, travel is heavily restricted for many others as their nation’s passports are less powerful. Venuri Perera’s satirical ceremony is triggered by the intrusive and degrading processes many citizens have to face before entering another country, which perpetuate inequality based on citizenship.

Venuri Perera is a choreographer and performance artist from Colombo and a Fellow of “Bodies, un-protected”. On the basis of her performance “Passport Blessing Ceremony”, which she presents in the programme, her practice provides the ground for sharing reflections and conversations around restricted bodies and shifting dynamics in the post-pandemic world.

Following the performance, Venuri Perera will give in-depth insights into her work in a Practice Session

Duration: 50 min (performance), 60 min (practice session)
Language: English