Pat Thomas, a legend of Ghanaian highlife music, has a powerful, resonant voice that was first hailed as “the golden voice of Africa” in 1978. After a 40-year music career the 72-year-old released his first international album in 2015, “Pat Thomas & The Kwashibu Area Band, together with Afro-beat legend Tony Allen, with whom he tried to find the vibes of a lost session from 1977. This has been followed by an almost uninterrupted world tour which now stops off at the Palmengarten – a must for all fans of Ebo Taylor (who Pat Thomas played with when he was starting out), C.K. Mann, Fela Kuti and Tony Allen! The singer and band will also present their new album ‘Obiaa!’, which has been praised by The Guardian as a “sparkling highlife reinvention” with skipping bass, shimmering guitars, delicate percussion and the voice of Pat Thomas exuding unshakable optimism.


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