Patti Smith

An evening of words and music with Patti Smith, Tony Shanahan, Jackson Smith & Seb Rochford

Musikpavillon im Palmengarten, teilbestuhlt


As soon as Patti Smith, godmother of punk, author, icon steps onto the stage with her exquisite band, amply established, predictable concert rituals are suspended. No matter whether she sings, reads, recites – what always remains is the feeling that there is something substantial to learn from her. Patti Smith’s charisma lies in her condensed life experiences, her elemental energy, her presence and power of persuasion, which made her into such an idol as a poet and musician for multiple generations. Here, her son Jackson sparingly accompanies her on the e-guitar, restrained and to the point, while Tony Shanahan on acoustic guitar and the young Brit Seb Rochford provide percussive color in this quite unforgettable evening.