(c) Ursula Kaufmann

In this production of “Die Konferenz der Vögel” present-day socio-political issues are combined with a Persian myth from the 12th century, the animal fable about the miraculous bird the Simurgh. Its starting point is the lamentable state of the world. It is clear that the climate is changing: there are more droughts and floods, there are fewer species, the oceans are clogged with plastic waste, Fridays for Future are issuing warnings. People who dream of a safe life in Europe are drowning in the Mediterranean. Fake news, racism, hate speech and death lists on the internet poison the social atmosphere. Politically motivated assassinations and attacks are on the rise, while democracy and human rights need to be defended. Everyone seems to be on one side or the other – with hardly anyone in between. Who is still willing to take responsibility as a politician or journalist? A world without war, famine or injustice no longer seems imaginable. System change is prevented by consumer behaviour and convenience. Individual powerlessness seems too strong. There is no alternative. Only bans will help – or will they?

The production enables the young generation to put its own perspective on stage: the Junge Ensemble Marabu (with performers aged 17 and over) deals with questions, ideas, doubts, fears and utopias concerning what the future might look like. The possibilities for collective action are explored through choruses and choreography: what is the state of swarm intelligence – in the ensemble, in the audience and in the world community?

Age: 14+ | Suitable for school classes from grade 9
Language: German
Duration: 60 Min