Henrike Iglesias/Theater HORA


Es war keinmal oder: Das Märchen von der Normalität

Schauspiel Frankfurt Großes Haus


Starting with familiar fairy tales, the actors of Theater Hora with cognitive disabilities and the performers of Henrike Iglesias deconstruct the powerful social concepts of normality, beauty and social gender playfully, humorously and accessibly.

Fairy tales are stories where it is usually completely clear what is beautiful and what is revolting. Princesses are beautiful. Witches are ugly and lonely. Princes are ideally both rich and beautiful. And princesses have to be saved by and then marry them.

But in this play, everything is uncertain: attributions of gender and roles are ambiguous, fairy tale narratives that are supposed to be functional are radically questioned. The mirror from the key fairy tale ‘Snow White’ is present as a disembodied voice from off stage. Fed up with the lunacy of self-improvement, the mirror goes on strike, but returns later when the performers agree on a new way of working and once and for all renounce the notion of beauty as a powerful norm.

Age: 10+
Language: German with English surtitels
Duration: 70 Min