(c) Rosiña Rojo

“The lock screen on my son’s smartphone is a pink unicorn. When I was a teenager I kept clear of everything pink. I had never heard of unicorns, and there were no smartphones.” Originally from Cuba, the dancer Alexis Fernández takes the stage together with his son in “Pink Unicorns”. Experience meets the youthful desire for freedom in playful rivalry. Apparent detachment is questioned with much curiosity between colorful airbags. Father and son become sparring partners. This joint piece by the collective La Macana – consisting of Alexis Fernández, the choreographer, dancer and producer Caterina Varela and Samir Akika, in-house choreographer at Theater Bremen – is about the not always easy relationship between the generations. Father and son let the audience look into a wild and humorous mirror – and whether we’re fathers, mothers, sons or daughters, we’ll all find a moment to smile about.

All Information: tanzfestivalrheinmain.de/en/calendar/pink-unicorns

Duration: 60 min.
No language skills required
For everyone from 10 years