(c) Justus Gelberg, (c) Daniel Michael Shaw

Joana Tischkau



Mousonturm Studio 1


See, it’s not about races / Just places / Faces / Where your blood comes from / Is where your space is / I’ve seen the bright get duller / I’m not gonna spend my life being a color (Michael Jackson „Black or White) “PLAYBLACK” deals with the ambivalent potential of the copy – as a tender gesture of tribute, as an expression of solidarity and as the provocative strategy of caricature. We love Jacko. We become Jacko. We indulge in the ambivalent possibility of temporarily becoming someone else. We venture to the boundaries of our prescribed identities and sound out the breaking points in the logic of representation. It’s showtime, baby. Step into the magic ball.

Duration: approx. 70 min
Language: English, German