FREISCHWIMMER Polis3000: oratorio

Mousonturm Studio 1


“We are Markus & Markus. We are also Jesus. We perform miracles and we have a mission. Christians and Non-Christians – in Polis3000 there is place for all: you are all our little sheep.” Polis3000: Oratorio is the third part of a series with which the Hildesheim theatre collective Markus & Markus attempt to cope with the absurdity of the world. In Polis3000: autonomia, they pressed charges in 2011 on title trading against Carsten Maschmeyer, founder of the AWD corporation, and Wolfgang-Uwe Friedrich, president of the University Hildesheim. At the Berlin Theatertreffen, they confronted humanity with their one-sided self-display in space in Polis3000: respondemus. Now they turn to institutionalized forms of religion in form of a multimedia oratorio. Their Polis3000 is an autonomous enclave beyond good and evil, in which the two high pressure performers transform finely researched material into erupting events with theatrical surplus value.

By and with Markus Schäfer, Markus Wenzel and many others * Stage, Costumes: Manuela Pirozzi * Video: Katarina Eckold * Production Management: Lara-Joy Hamann.