Jan Fabre/Troubleyn


Preparatio Mortis

Mousonturm Saal


Never before has death shone with such overwhelming beauty, poetry and eroticism as in this piece by Jan Fabre for his dancer Annabelle Chambon. The stage is filled with a fragrant sea of five thousand blooming chrysanthemums and a glass coffin containing one hundred and fifty flying butterflies. Like a woman reborn from the dead, Annabelle Chambon rises up from her flower-covered grave. To the powerful organ music of Bernard Foccroulle, she dances a fantastic duet with death that is simultaneously an homage to the living body and its unconditional love of life.

No language skills required

With Annabelle Chambon * Direction: Jan Fabre * Choreography: Jan Fabre, Annabelle Chambon * Production manager: Ilka De Wilde * Komposition: “Toccata” (2001) performed by Bernard Foccroulle on the orgue of the Brussels Cathedral “Spiegel” (2005) performed by David Boos on the Renaissance orgue of the Big Church in Alkmaar “Capriccio sopra Re-Fa-Mi-Sol” (1986) performed by Benoît Mernier on the choire orgue in Muri “Pulchra es” (2009) performed by Bernard Foccroulle on the Silbermann orgue in St Thomas, Strasbourg “Ornamented Flutes” (2007) performed by Bernard Foccroulle on the Thomas orgue in the Temple du Bouclier, Strasbourg “Fantasia sopra «Da pacem Domino»” (1999), performed by Bernard Foccroulle on the Renaissance orgue in St Jacques, Liège