Foto von Anne Mahlow und Nana Melling vor einem Gebäude stehend und sich an die Wanbd lehnend.
Foto von Anne Mahlow und Nana Melling vor einem Gebäude stehend.
(c) Mahlow / Melling

Pretty Woman / That’s not my name



Anne Mahlow & Nana Melling

Was wäre, wenn ich Dir sage, dass Du alles getan hast, was Du konntest, aber dann kam jemand und hat Dich sabotiert. Er missbrauchte Dein Vertrauen, zapfte Dein Gehirn an […], während Du gar nicht gemerkt hast, was passiert!“ (Aus: Was Frauen wollen, 2000). (What if I told you that you did everything you could, but then someone came and sabotaged you. He abused your trust, tapped into your brain […] while you didn’t even realise what was happening!)

The discourse-video-walk Pretty Woman / That’s not my name, which moves at the interface between feminist discourse, site-specific performance, film and activism, deals with the narrative modes and power mechanisms in Hollywood films. We will also regard the phenomenon of gaslighting in relation, i.e. the psychological violence with which people are deliberately disoriented, manipulated, and their perception of reality unsettled, in relation to these movies. The (almost entirely) male-dominated narrative within gaslighting and the one-sided representation of women* will be addressed in the discourse-video-walk and placed in a different context. For this new context, we invite theorists, artists, psychologists and journalists to clarify their perspectives in the form of a video contribution. With the various discursive interventions of the experts, the perspective of the women* will oppose the male-dominated Hollywood narrative with a feminist position. During a nocturnal walk in public space, these counter-narratives become visible and audible within the framework of the discourse-video-walk. Places and initiatives in Bornheim that hold a connection with sexualised violence against women* and feminist empowerment will be visited throughout this walk. With a collective walk between flâneuserie and demonstration, we (re-)appropriate the public space at night as a group – without gaslight – but in the light of films and voices that make the perspectives of women* visible.

—> More informations about the event and the entire festival programme via Nocturnal Unrest

Following the current corona protection measure, the discourse-audio-walk can be walked either individually or with one’s household and/or one additional person.

Langauge: German

The walk takes you through Bornheim, Frankfurt am Main. You can walk alone, in pairs or with your household (subject to the Corona regulations in force at the time). You will need a tablet for the walk, which you can get for a deposit (photo ID) at the first station for the walk. When you sign up, you will be given the opportunity to be assigned to a time slot between Saturday, 22.5. and Monday, 24.5. where you will receive the tablet.