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Hanna Steinmair


RAGE. A Tennis Western – live am Rasen

Location: Tennisplatz Gerbermühle


“I don’t cheat to win. I’d rather loose.“ (Serena Williams, 2018)

“I’ll see you when I see you.” (Naomi Ōsaka, 2021)

Two tennis players go berserk. Smashing rackets. Tearing down the net. Winning doesn’t interest anyone here. The court is in ruins. Thin sand blows across it. As iron-willed Williams/Ōsaka fans, country stars and at the same time deeply unimpressed and very easily aroused cowboys, the performers Joana Tischkau and Maria Sendlhofer ask the audience to line dance. It is something between rivalry and solidarity, reenactment and empowerment, between self-pity, self-portrayal and uncontrolled rage. “RAGE” searches for the different ways of reading anger and examines the reasons for its unequal distribution. The field of study is the tennis court as a setting in which inscriptions of race and gender are negotiated. In the middle of the tennis court of SV Oberrad 05, “RAGE” focuses on the staging of anger: as a fake, as an assumption, as a privilege, as an exaggeration and as a brilliant game.

Duration: ca 60 min
Language: German and English
The piece is not really suited for small children. There will be a lot of shouting and things are going to be destroyed.

Venue: Tennisplatz SV Oberrad 05
Gerbermühlstraße 107a

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