(c) Julia Novacek

Hanna Steinmair


Rage. A Tennis Western

Studio 1


„I don’t cheat to win. I’d rather loose.“ (Serena Williams, 2018)

Two tennis players flipping out. Smashing rackets. Tearing up nets. Nobody here cares about winning. The playing field lies in ruins. Thin sand blowing across the field. Two cowboys enter: as staunch Serena Williams fans, country stars and simultaneously deeply unfazed and very easily aroused men, they beckon to join a line dance. A balancing act on the very fine line between rivalry and solidarity, re-enactment and empowerment, between heroic self-pity and uncontrolled rage begins… “Rage” explores different interpretations of anger and examines the reasons behind their unequal distribution. The playing field is the tennis court as a place where inscriptions of race and gender are negotiated. “Rage” focuses on the enactment of rage, as a fake, as an assumption, as a privilege, as an exaggeration and as a brilliant game.

Duration: approx. 60 min.
Language: English