Drei als Hexen verkleidete Personen posen vor einem Hochhaus der Deutschen Bank.
Drei Personen im Vordergrund und eine im Hintergrund springen und tanzen in bunter Kleidung in der anbrechenden Dunkelheit.
Vier Tunten als Hexe verkleidet stehen um einen Baum und fassen ihn jeweils mit einer Hand an. Eine weitere Person mit glänzender Leggins springt rechts neben dem Baum nach oben.
(c) RaSch

Ranzfurter Hexenkonvent



Ranzfurter Schwestern (RaSch)

Creatuire of the darknesses – be summoned! Unite yourselves and your strength, the overthrow, the end of our poisoned world! Gather for the annual highlight of our lunar calendar: the coming witch convention will be hosted this year by the Ranzfurter Schwestern and held in Ranzfurt am Mehr. All available magic will be channelled there on 22.05.2021 to work the ancient ritual of world-shifting: Against the patriarchy and in defiance of mammon and the elites!

Through the ages, we have endured oppression, exclusion and persecution at the hands of the patriarchy’s poisoned cords – but this time is now coming to an abrupt end; in the dawn of a new age, we are breaking this spell that has contaminated humanity!

Rise up and join forces with our own. You can support the power of the ritual via a very specific frequency through your crystal balls and your support is urgently needed! Dancing and chanting, we will howl our magical verses into the ether and into the night until not one stone is left on another and the foundations of the patriarchy collapse.

We ask all magical beings, whether herbal witch, nectromancer, pleasure witch, shapeshifter or mythical creature, to join our shady gathering: Down with the patriarchy!

The Ranzfurter Witch Convention is an interactive performance in which the participants themselves become an active part. We use the platform Gathertown, where performers and participants move around in a digital world with avatars. When meeting others, their camera and microphone are activated and a conversation becomes possible. Therefore, a stable internet connection, a camera, a microphone and headphones are required for participation. Participants are also invited to dress up as witches, but this is not a must.

—> More informations about the event and the entire festival programme via Nocturnal Unrest

Language: German