(c) Luisa Hanika

Stephan Trüby/Philipp Krüpe


Rechte Räume in Frankfurt – Stadtspaziergänge

Mousonturm Foyer


For the festival “Unfuck My Future. How to Live Together in Europe”, the research project “Right-Wing Spaces” sets out to tackle the re-politicisation of architectural and spatial discourse and the spatialisation of political discourse in the face of growing ring-wing extremism. In a tour through the city leading to ideologically contested spaces in Frankfurt, such as the former “Ghettohouse” in the Gaußstraße or the much discussed “New“ Old Town, experts and architects will explain histories and politics. On 8 September from 4 pm onwards, there will also be a conference at Mousonturm in which various experts will discuss what needs to be done and how to do it from the perspectives of architecture, arts and theatre.

Meeting point and start: Mousonturm, Foyer
Language: In German

As a signatory of the Frankfurter Erklärung der Vielen Künstlerhaus Mousonturm invites to the walk „Rechte Räume in Frankfurt”.