Glogowski/Hoesch & Kompliz*innen


Have a listen



By and with: Yuling Chiu, Gregor Glogowski, Friedrich Hartung, Benjamin Hoesch, Yuka Ohta, Diego Ramos Rodríguez und Kristina Veit

Link for Participation (Zoom Webinar)

How are movement, body and the creation of sound connected? How can musicians, a dancer and theatre-makers improvise together? Where does the boundary between expertise and dilettantism lie? In a joint residency, a heterogeneous ensemble with different skills and training explores rhythms and pulses for their potential to unite and connect us. The sonic and performative qualities of their materials become their collaborators: How can you drum on foam? How do you sing through a sheet of aluminium? All this against the backdrop of the current standstill in the theatres. And so here, too, actions are repeatedly interrupted and stillness in the process challenged. Musical-theatrical experiments invite you to have a listen and then contribute to a conversation.

Duration: 40 min.
Language: German