(c) Katja Feldmeier

Swoosh Lieu


*Reset* a feminist dive

Mousonturm Saal


For centuries, people have told stories of pirates and sailors, of gifted artists and their unique collections, of distant universes and those who have discovered them and …


We are taking a deep dive – into unlikely collaborations, implausible presences and unimaginable futures. Beneath the surface of the sea, pedestals are overturned, objects are washed out of archives and narratives are flushed through. Swoosh Lieu are building a mu/sea/um in cyberspace, in which a programmer speculates on alternative kinships, a talking octopus guides us into new currents and the images loudly reflect back the gaze. The reset is an attempt to tell a story that never reaches its end. A story in which the line between social reality and science fiction turns out to be an optical illusion.

Step by step. Tentacle by tentacle. Bit by bit.


… until everything finally starts all over again.

Duration: 55 in.
Language: German

Note on sensory stimuli:
Loud music, surprising sound and light inserts.

Premiere of the Frankfurt version