Romuald Krężel



Mousonturm Studio 1

Hessische Theaterakademie/Performance

Romuald Krężel worked as an actor, before he began studying choreography and performance in Gießen. He not only played in theatre pieces and films, but also appeared in twenty-two TV ads, specializing in the role of the friendly guy from next door, e.g. ads for the painkiller Metafan, for Bosch and Kaufland. In his graduation piece, Romuald Krężel looks back on this history: Is he now just at the beginning or more at the end of his career? In “Retrospective”, Krężel explores the differences and boundaries between work that you want to do and work that you have to do. It traces the ambivalences of artistic work and searches for strategies of saying no – not by leaving the field of work, but by acting as if adhering to its constantly changing rules.

Language: Englisch