Pussy Riot Theatre





After celebrated performances in the USA, the Russian political punk group Pussy Riot comes to Germany for the first time with their rebellious stage show Riot Days. The new theatre project is based on Maria Alyokhina’s eponymous book, in which she tells her personal story as a performer of Pussy Riot, from the beginning of the group in 2011, their legendary appearances, their arrest, the trial and their detainment in a Siberian prison camp up to their release in 2013. A feminist punk manifesto, a powerful-anarchist plea for resistance in a right-wing populist, nationalist world. “We have a voice. We have a choice!” (Maria Alyokhina).

With: Maria Alekhina: playwright, actor *
Kiryl Masheka: actor, singer * Anastasia Ashitkova: actor, singer, saxophone *
Maxim Ionov: musician (keyboards, programming, drums), actor * Vasily Bogatov: video footage, VJ * Taissia Krugovykh – video footage * Yury Muravitsky: director * Svetlana Mikhalishcheva: associate director * Olga Borisova: text editor * Olga Ogneva – associate producer * Alexander Cheparukhin: producer & subtitles

German premiere