(c) Anna Lublina, (c) Alyona Mamay



Root Proposals: A Fungus Instead of a Festival



Spores fly apart. One finds a home here, and the others, there. They grow and dig and grow and dig until they find each other again beneath the oceans and streets. “Root Proposals 2021” situates itself within this vast system of internet cables and roots that share nutrients and knowledge. The vestiges of colonization leave us unable to all meet in the same space and time. A virus dictates that we cannot be a festival. So, we will be a fungus — a mycorrhiza, a network of diasporic spores, scattered about the world and germinating in the in-betweens.

After a year lying dormant in the ground, we are ready to ‘get our hands dirty.’ Following the path of “Rough Proposals 2019”, we dive into the soil, creating diasporic practices scattered across space and time. From July 1 to July 4, we will let our “root proposals” grow rough in the in-betweens of Gießen’s Theaterlabor, Frankfurt’s Digital Mousonturm, a living room in Isfahan, outdoors under the sun or the moon. Over these 4 days, we will experience 14 iterative works created within the scope of Gießen’s MA programme in Choreography and Performance. Each event will move across these different ecosystems—vibrant and lush, even in the dark underground.


Online Program

July 3th 2021

12 pm
Mara Kirchberg: 12 ARID CONDITIONS – Launch der Hotglue site
https://aridconditions.hotglue.me/ (available all day)

Eng Kai Er: 100 Advertisements for You
Zoom performance/ limited capacity/ registration at:  kaifishfish@gmail.com*

Eng Kai Er: 100 Advertisements for You
Zoom performance/ limited capacity/ registration at:  kaifishfish@gmail.com*

Raha Dehghani Vinicheh: Vision
Vimeo Screening: https://vimeo.com/567903720

Anna Lublina: Border Ecologies,
Zoom performance: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89244051783

Eng Kai Er: 100 Advertisements for You
Zoom performance/ limited capacity/ registration at:  kaifishfish@gmail.com*

6:30-7:30 pm
elena light: nobody stands for nothing (online)
Google Docs performance: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HXX5NmKTQCqpjZiArKqRutacQwx_6em4oDX3DVgLPwc/edit

7:30-8:30 pm
Olan Mamai & Linda Gao-Lenders: Syn-coping
Zoom performance: https://uni-wuppertal.zoom.us/j/4530584823

9-9:10 pm
Islam Elnebishy: Until it’s Monday,
Vimeo screening: https://vimeo.com/568397681

9:10-11 pm
Laura Stellacci: Hearts and Gizzards,
Wilsonstrasse FM Radio stream: https://www.wilsonstrassefm.com

4. Juli 2021

Ana Clara Montenegro: Spreading Roots – Launch of Hotglue Site
https://spreadingroots.hotglue.me (avaliable all day )

3:30-4:30 pm
Vimeo screening: https://vimeo.com/569511321

Raha Dehghani Vinicheh: Vision
Vimeo screening: https://vimeo.com/567903720

7-7:10 Uhr
Islam Elnebishy: Until it’s Monday
Vimeo screening: https://vimeo.com/568397681

Olan Mamai & Linda Gao-Lenders: Syn-coping
Zoom performance: https://uni-wuppertal.zoom.us/j/4530584823

8:30-9 pm
Adi Weizman: ARK
Vimeo screening: https://vimeo.com/568969071

Laura Stellacci: Hearts and Gizzards
Wilsonstrasse FM Radio-Stream: https://www.wilsonstrassefm.com

* Registrations close 1h before the show. You will receive a Zoom link by email, about 30min before the show. Please note the performance is live and participatory; starting on Zoom and traveling to Google Doc and YouTube.

Aufgrund der aktuellen COVID-Regulieren können einige der live-Performances nur intern stattfinden. Das Publikum kann jedoch an zahlreichen online-Performances teilnehmen (03. & 04.07.).

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