(c) Arthur Romanowski

Arthur Romanowski


Rote Beete Reden (Buraczane Rozmowy)


A talk format that still has to learn to speak. A series that ends after the first edition. Guests that leave even before they’ve knocked. Undoctored conversations with our own grandma. A skype storm. Probably using texts by Alfred Jarry, Marta Kijowska, Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, Stanislaw Lem, Brygida Najdowska and many more. Polnifications, Germanifications, decommunistisations, farms. We are chronicling history together, my Polish-German grandmother and I. For many years, she has demanded: you do theatre, so go finally write down our history. In return, I want access to all her secret recipes. The place of this performance thus becomes a first entry point into a collection of European dishes. The performance examines the potential behind political speech, garnished with personal conversation, in search of commentaries, conversations partners and served with a dash of European utopia. Finished? Ready? Or is something still missing?

Language: In Polish and German
Talk on August 31st, 9 p.m. at Frankfurt LAB
Live stream of the show via youtube