Ayla Pierrot Arendt/Samuel Fried/Emilia Giudicelli


Routine – A documentation of real time

Mousonturm Saal


We invite you to 8 hours of transition. Rituals of time and shifting space: a polyphonic body will shape itself through our commitment. Familiarities are repetitively merged with foreign routines. Memories overlay, contradict and complement the performers’ expansion into the space organism. We’ll keep track of time. 8-hour routine. 8-hour rest. 8-hour interaction. Dance shifts the way we memorize. In the intersection of shared emotions and images, we address each other in search for a documentation of real time.

ROUTINE is based on research of the everyday structures of Japan and reconstructs our individual ways of translating common time.


A special request: please bring fresh, uncooked vegetables! We will prepare a meal for everyone.

Creation: Ayla Pierrot Arendt, Samuel Fried, Émilia Giudicelli  * Dancers : Laura Susanna Burgener, Simon Fleury, Reut Nahum, Benjamin Sunarjo * Costume: Kristin Gerwien * Light: Pasi Pehkonen
* Audio Installation: Fabian Gutscher * Live Cook: Manuel Phil. Bischof
* Production Management: Eva Winkler-Ebner

ROUTINE is a co-production of fluoressenz/dddocumentary with Gessnerallee Zürich and Mousonturm Frankfurt a/Main. Routine is financially supported by the city of Zurich and Pro Helvetia, as well as by the city of Frankfurt a/Main. Supported with a studio residency by Tanzhaus.