Hot and cold, mirror and rules, sell-out and total consumerism – “Sale” contemplates all parts of social coexistence as a challenge: the challenge of mastering life, society and capitalism in general, where we all simply want to belong. Following his residency at the Staatstheater Darmstadt, dancer and choreographer Eyal Dadon, who is considered one of the most exciting protagonists in a new generation of Israeli dance makers, is presenting his piece “Sale” for the first time in Europe. Inspired by reality and social coexistence, Dadon combines detailed, precise movement sequences with his very own brand of humour – thus holding up the mirror to the audience.

SOL Dance Company / House of Dance Beer Sheva, Israel
Choreography: Eyal Dadon
Rehearsal Director: Keren Horesh Begun
Choreographic Assistant: Tamar Barlev
With: Sian Olles, Madison Payne Hoke, Yuko Imazaike, Shay Partush, Nadav Gal, Roni Ben Simon, Eyal Dadon
Costumes and Music: Tomer Salem, Nissim Gutman
Lights: Alon Shazar
Stage Manager: Assaf Zakay
Management: OZ Productions / Offer Zaks
Supported by the Israeli Ministry for Culture and Sport, the Israeli Foreign Office and the Israeli Embassy, the City of Beer Sheva, Mifal Hapais, Kivunim Company, the Cultural Ministry Beer Sheva and the Economoy Company for Development Beer Sheva. SALE mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Generalkonsulats des Staates Israel für Süddeutschland.