Tony Rizzi and the Bad Habits


Same Old Set Different Show

Mousonturm Saal


Histories, topics, situations and phases – over and over again they reappear in slightly different order. Sometimes they take on a different appearance. For choreographer and dancer Antony Rizzi, this mechanism is deeply rooted in everyday life and historical developments and thus makes up the basis principle of every comfort zone. “It was always clear to me that I feel most comfortable in places where I can dance, on stage or in the club, in bed with a lover or in a state of meditation. We have but a few bare necessities in life, which are strongly intertwined: dance, sex and religion. They resemble a strong motor, an inner urge, a rhythm that keeps us alive.” And so Rizzi celebrates the vibrant dynamics of recurrence, of repetition and renewed experience together with an international ensemble of performers in Same Old Set Different Show.

World Premiere * Mousonturm Co-Production * Minimum age 18 * In English * Concept, Artistic Director: Antony Rizzi * With: Inma Rubio Tomas, Sabina Perry, Irene Klein, Kristina Veit, Daniel Chait and others * With kind support of Freunde & Förderer des Mousonturms e.V. and Unterwegs Theater Heidelberg