(c) Neven Allgeier, (c) Mirco Lilge, Nikolaus Kockel, (c) Nina Werth, (c) Eda Temucin, (c) Vincent Leifer, (c) Johanna Schmücker

Democratic Pleasures

Sammlung – mit Leon Joskowitz, Hibba Kauser, Michael Herl, Nouria Behloul, Julia Mantel und weiteren Gästen

Location: Sommerbau am Kaiserlei (Offenbach)

People’s Assembly

The home of democracy is under threat! However, a renewal of democratic structures and processes has already begun. New forms of a robust democracy are being practiced and adopted everywhere. We will also assemble at the Sommerbau to reflect on this and to use performative means to examine how the life of a society can continue to be organized in a manner that is democratic, positive and productive. The first of four people’s assemblies will focus on diversity and exchange. The people of Frankfurt and Offenbach will meet for a communal discussion about how we can live together well, safely and freely in our beautiful cities. We will hear a range of perspectives and approaches on how to renew our ability to create democratic visions. A variety of different people engaged in these issues will present their ideas. The public is invited to add their own thoughts and comments.

Language: German
Duration: 2-3 hours


The price is per seat. Only complete lodges with two double seats can be booked.

It is compulsory to wear a medical mouth and nose protection on the entire premises, except at your own seat or in separately designated areas. The contact details for the prescribed follow-up in the Covid-19 case are collected at the venue. An up-to-date negative corona test is recommended.

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