red park


SAPONifikation – einige Übungen in Aufruhr und Ökonomie – Verausgaben

Mousonturm Saal


FOAM! Hundreds of shareholders have engaged in soap production since April together with the artist collective red park. Driven by the revolutionary past of the Mouson family dynasty, they attacked, loafed around, fought, balanced the accounts and agitated, raided the fat resources of Frankfurt, planted and harvested lavender. The result: behind the walls of the tower a mountain of delicately scented soap lies waiting for the final act of full foaming! In a collective soap opera, all will first sing and chant, chop and leach.
Welcome to the economy of expenditure and lavender vodka excess!

On 9 September, red park and the shareholder community invites you to the last conspiratorial appearance of their mobile GPS bar under the motto Solidarise Yourself & Produce. The exact location will be published 48 hours beforehand on the Mousonturm website and at www.saponifikation.org.

In German

Concept: Jörg Thums, Tim Schuster * With: Anna Berger, Jacob Bussmann, Wiebke Dröge, Realism Working Group, Tim Schuster, Jörg Thums a.o. * Stage Set: Anna Berger * Sound: mõnõraïn * Theory/ Visuals: Jeronimo Voss * Trailer Music: Diego Badian * Theory/ Music: Jessica Sehrt, Martin Stiehl * Dramaturgy Assistant: Marya Barashka * Kindly supported by: FTA Film- und Theater-Ausstattung GmbH Köln, Abenteuerspielplatz Riederwald e.V., FES Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH, HFX – Harry’s Special Effects, Institut für Stadtgeschichte and Historische Museum Frankfurt * Co-prouction: Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Cultural Office of the City of Frankfurt, Hessian Ministry of Science and Art.