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SAPONifikation – Einige Übungen in Aufruhr und Ökonomie

verschiedene Orte

Happening/Parade/Wrestling Event

Citizens of Frankfurt are called on to explore the relationships between capitalism and revolution, while actively participating all spring and summer in the development of the new Mousonturm house brand of soap.

In German.

Mousonturm-Coproduction * Idea: Jörg Thums, Tim Schuster * Concept: Jörg Thums, Tim Schuster, Jos Diegel * With: Jörg Thums, Tim Schuster, Charlotte Simon, Zink Tonsur, Jonathan Penca, Mr. Van Vugt, Joey Sensation, Maggot, Purple Playa, Mo Jnibi, Alice, German Eagle, Master J,  Burchill, Dr. Carsten Crank, a.o. * Video: Bernd Thiele * Graphic Design: Christian Raab * A project of the Association of international performing arts venues e.V.,  funded by the German Federal Culture Foundation