Im Vordergrund eine Person, mit einer schleimigen Flüssigkeit überzogenen Hand, die den Mittelfinger zeigt. Im Hintergrund sieht man den Oberkörper einer Person, deren Haar und ein Fenster, das den Blick nach draußen ermöglicht.
(c) Tina Turnheim und Julia*n Meding

Schleim is (part of the) answer



Tina Turnheim, Julia*n Meding

Julia*n Meding and Tina Turnheim invite us to a cautious and delicate exploration of the contamination and decomposition of the supposedly solid, identical and masculine. At stake is the dissolution of the body armour by the (syphilis) bacillus: a tightrope walk of intimate distancing in terms of content and aesthetics that removes the taboos of illness, questions the “healthy”, the physically and mentally normative, exposes vulnerability and dependencies and celebrates the slime. The slime meeting will be a radically soft meeting between workshop and immersive performance against social de-siphoning fantasies.

Discursive, playful and haptic-material, the siffing workshop, building on the feminist approach of Radical Softness, looks for a critique and own experiences with Ableism, an empowering approach to the “lust plague” syphilis as a utopian tool towards a Queer Crip Future.

For this, participants from Frankfurt and Offenbach can register by 15 May. You will then recieve a package by our couriers with instructions for the upcoming days. You can choose a time slot on May 20 and 21 in which to meet us online and to determine the rules of the encounter together with us.

Through various exercises and experiments, we will find out together what practices can be in order to physically approach the decomposition of our own boundaries from a safe distance. Let’s experiment, get in touch with our fears and carefully and as much as we can with pleasure ‘mess around’ – quasi simultaneously together and alone. Let us dissolve soldierly masculinities in ourselves until – physically present or not – our dicks fall off.

—> More informations about the event and the entire festival programme via Nocturnal Unrest


Language: German
For people in Offenbach and Frankfurt/Main
Registration closes: 12 May