(c) Ossian Hain

Between math books and inkblots, chalk dust and overhead projectors, pencil sharpeners and watercolours, they all sit quietly and well-behaved in their classrooms learning. Really, all of them? By no means! Today is an excursion: we pack away the books and take our classmates by the hand – Lights On! Equipped with radio headsets and a snack, the Hain/Kapsner/Mahlow/Romanowski theatre collective smuggles its young (and old) audience into still undiscovered academic worlds. In the maelstrom of disciplinary strategies and lunch boxes, this audio walk and classroom piece swirls off into an adventurous excursion into unknown realms of the Herderschule. In German

ab 8 Jahren
Organisierte Schülergruppen zahlen 5 Euro pro Person. Mehr Infos und verbindliche Anmeldung bis eine Woche vor der Veranstaltung unter dramaturgie@mousonturm.de.
Duration: approx. 120 min.
Start Studio 1
Language: German