Doung Jahangeer


seeking Twi[]Light in Frankfurt

City Walk

The CityWalk initiative explores a state of inbetweeness that is often looked at but hardly seen. Its intention is to expose an existing parallel reality and to create a shift in perception around ourselves and the ‘other’.

Psychogeographically dissecting the city, the CityWalk offers a glimpse on how the utopian ideologies imposed on the African cities through past and present oppressive regimes, are being inadvertently subverted by local communities in the daily practice of their freedom.

CityWalk Frankfurt proposes to draw a conceptual parallel between Hegel’s philosophy of time and space in relation the notion of a ‘European vs African Space’.
DALA is a 16 year-old interdisciplinary experiment which is at once a physical, theoretical and philosophical platform for both local and international creative practitioners. Conceived and directed by architectartist, Doung Anwar Jahangeer,  DALA actively engages in the production of art / architecture for spatial justice.