Simone Aughterlony/Phil Hayes


Show and Tell



In “Show and Tell” Phil Hayes and Simone Aughterlony do what they say, and they say what they do. It is a playful strategy. Starting from separate territories „Show and Tell“ morphs into a greedy theatre organism that swallows up stage and audience space. In it word and movement infect, corrode, digest and excrete each other.

Both storyteller as well as show(wo)man, Phil and Simone map out the generic hi/stories of a possible body that is never simply given as a whole, but steps into our consciousness mostly in moments of break down. This body is the silent protagonist, the imaginary third of this duet. Its biography inscribes in eloquent scares and significant sicknesses. It bleeds and heals, grows and falls apart – authentically spectacular. Or was it fantastically real?

Concept: Simone Aughterlony * With Simone Aughterlony and Phil Hayes * Dramaturgical Advice: Constanze Schellow, Jorge León * Costumes: Judith Steinmann * Set: Janina Audick * Lighting Design: Florian Bach * Sound: Susanne Affolter * Production: Verein für allgemeines Wohl * Co-production La Bâtie – Festival de Genève, Gessnerallee Zürich, Hebbel am Ufer Berlin * Funded by the City of Zürich Culture, Department for Culture Canton Zürich and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

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